The latest "craze" in music (mTV) after the decline of boy bands, pop punk is characterized by young guys who are incapable of decent vocals, play fast but weak guitars, fast but repetitive drums, and jumping around like a bunch of retards when the bass kicks in. Lyrics usually involve issues popular amongst the teenage community such as girl problems, depression, and how they don't "fit in" because they are "non-conformists" despite the fact they are listening to a form of pop music. Occassionally, they will attempt to sing about political issues but tend to avoid this, as it makes them appear idiotic due to the fact that their opinions are very uneducated.

A pop punk fan will wear predominantly black clothing, that is either way too baggy or way too tight. Pop punkers think it is cool to abstain from bathing or using deoderant, likely because they do not wish to conform by giving "corrupt corporations" such as Ivory and Gillette their money. Accessories include patches, studded bracelets and buttons with creative slogans on them reading, "You laugh because I'm different, I laugh because you're all the same" or "Rap Sucks", despite the fact that the lead singer of Good Charlotte thinks he is black. Pop punkers will sometimes attempt to learn guitar or bass, give up once they have learned the beginning of a Ramones song, and tell people that they are experts and "can play better than Slipknot". Usually hang out in groups, so they are able to not conform together.

Pop punk bands include such acts as Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Avril Lavigne, Sum41, New Found Glory, and Blink-182 (who is the only one of the above with any talent, personality and innovation, but they have a lot of idiot teeny-bopper fans as described above, and also inspired a lot of bad bands that tried pitifully to copy them). It can sometimes be very difficult to tell one from the other because of their generally whiny vocals and very generic riffs.
We can expect the death of pop punk by 2006...
by Chernorizets Hrabr November 06, 2004
Top Definition
the biggest oxymoron of the 21st century
Pop-punk? But I thoug punk was supposed to be anti-mainstream?
by ThroatSlit April 01, 2006
you people are mixing up mall punk and pop punk. pop punk should be called "buzz pop", because when using a term like "pop punk", the real pop punk kids must constantly defend their bands by saying "it's pop punk, but not that shit on MTV." look at lookout records circa 1996-oh, forgot about the queers, screeching weasel, groovie ghoulies, riverdales..all that shit, didnt you? what would you classify that as? those bands are certainly NOT in the same boat as good charlotte and sum 41. i'm not even going to attempt to define "punk rock", because it's annoyingly controversial and no matter how hard you try, people are always going to have different definitions for it. whatever. however, "pop punk", to me, is just simple 3 chord songs pop songs, mostly ramones influenced, faster paced then most regular pop songs, about whatever. shit that doesnt matter. fun. girls. heartache. beer. whatever. its supposed to be fun. i hate when shit is all serious. this is lame. bye.
the queers, screeching weasel, riverdales, apers, riff randells, parasites, mr. t. experience, lillingtons, excessories, flipsides, ruth's hat, teen sensation glasses, after school special, and the entire mutant pop records catalog, for starters.
by michelle shirelle May 05, 2004
The best fucking music.

It's not dead.
Defend it.

When people hear pop punk they for some reason only think of Green day, meanwhile pop punk is it's own scene and even though theyhave contributed to it, they aren't it.

Pop punk a genre mostly for the young. For those kids who know they don't fit in.

Think New Found Glory. Blink 182. The Wonder Years. Man Overboard. Major League. Such Gold. Title Fight. This Time Next Year. Four Year Strong. I Call Fives. Tigers Jaw. And a fuckload more.

Pop punk can lean towards having a more hardcore sound and to being much more easycore.

Pop punk is a family.
"My favorite pop punk band has gotta be The Wonder Years."

Defend pop punk.

"Pop punk changed my life. I'm not sad anymore because of it.
by notsadanymoreyo November 01, 2011
Pop punk music is usually more melodic and cleaner-sounding than the original punk rock music. Bands such as New Found Glory, Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Yellowcard, Simple Plan and Fall Out Boy have refined pop punk into a form which stresses strong melody and varied rhythms. Lyrics would prety much be the same the only difference would be in the style of singing and also the music. PUNK rockers would tend to sing at a much fatster pace whereas POP-PUNK rockers are melodic and would tend to be slow and much more clearer.

***** One more very important thing, please DONOT listen to all these people in here trying to tell what Pop-Punk genre is all about as most of them donot know shyt about PUNK. They consider Bad Religion & NOFX Pop-Punk. I mean they are the Godfathers of hardcore PUNK ROCK and even a deaf person can tell they are most certainly not POP-PUNK. I had a good laugh when these so called 'smart people' tried to categorize NOFX and Bad Religion into Pop-Punk. Go listen to them first and then decide for yourself.
Bands like New Found Glory, Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Yellowcard, Simple Plan and Fall Out Boy are POP-PUNK.

Bands like NOFX, Bad Religion, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Sham69 and Rancid are all PUNK.
by The PunK Kid August 13, 2006
A genre of music that is a softer form of Punk. A mainstream bastardization of punk. An oxy-moron of the genre it claims influence from.
Pop-Punk is a damning genre to the punk culture.
by The UweBolla Virus February 28, 2006
Okay. There are two definitions for pop punk.

a. The TRUE pop punk, which is punk music with pop hooks. Oftentimes this music will talk about girls, love, etc. because thos things are IMPORTANT to the lyricist at the time. Anyone who says that talking about love isn't punk because "no real punk rockers do" means that you are CONFORMING to what youv'e been told is punk. Now, now, we wouldn't want that, would we, Mr. Self-Declared-Anti-Conformist?

Here, you might be saying,"What a hypocrite. You are telling me right now what the definition of pop punk is, so why can't i be told the definition of punk?"
You see, the reason I am posting the definition of pop punk is because this is a DICTIONARY, and that's what they are for. I'm not trying to impose my beliefs on you, I'm trying to make this site a reliable reference for anyone who would like to know what pop punk is widely accepted as meaning.

Okay. Rant is over.

b. According to MTV and Top 40 radio, pop punk is bad pop music played by people that dress like mall punks. This isn't true, but it's widely accepted, so this is here for reference.
by idontwantaname September 14, 2005
Just regular punk music but with a poppy sound to it. Same type of lyrics, just alittle spice to the music.
pop punk bands include the queers, screeching weasel, some green day, maybe offspring, limp, allister, enemy you, diesel boy. and many more good bands.
boy1: i'm so pop punk i listen to good charlotte
boy2: (slaps boy1)......
boy1: did i mention simple plan?
boy2: (slaps him again).........
by joey12345 June 21, 2005

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