Boy bands with electric instruments. People who listen to Pop Punk have never heard real punk bands like The Offspring, or Green Day. Wait a second. They have heard of both bands, unfortuanately both bands have sold out to this disgrace. Darn it all.

BTW, How the hell did Avril Lavigne fall under Punk.
Pop Punk Fan: I went to a B182 concert. I'm so punk.

Me: No you're not. I bet you have never heard of great bands like The Offspring or Green Day.

Pop Punk Fan: Yes I have, I just bought American Idiot.

Me: Oh wait, I forgot. Both bands suck now. I hate idiots who think that pop has a place in punk.

by Okita-Kun September 18, 2005
Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Simple Plan -ARE NOT POP PUNK.
First you have to be punk in order to become a pop punk band.

Heres some Pop Punk bands:
Enemy You
Screeching Weasel (there bark like a dog album)
Teen Idols

Do not listen to the crap on MTV.
Pop + Punk = Enemy You
Pop + Crap = Good Charlotte
by screechingqueer March 23, 2005
Pop punk: A species located throughout North America. Can be found indoors, for they avoid the sun. You'll often find them in FYE or hot topic, and can be lured in if you throw a flower crown towards them. Their appearances consist of pale skin and pastel hair colors. A creepy black line lines their eyelid, usually thick and uneven. They avoid human contact and often speak dark works that are incomprehensible for the non pop punk species. Beware, they avoid species of the BASIC kind.
by All Wise February 08, 2015
A fusion genre of pop and punk rock music, combining elements from the genre to create softer subjects of music while keeping the loud and anarchy-inspired noise of the punk rock. Before the 21st Century, it was quite unpopular and unknown to most, but has recently been given more notice by the rise of Warped Tour type bands such as All Time Low and The Wonder Years. Bands such as Green Day and blink-182 helped to popularize this genre and maybe even create it themselves. Pop Punk of this decade, however has been sounding more terrible as it is progressing with the horrible Warped Tour bands mentioned above, as they're turning it into a contradiction, since punk is anti-mainstream and pop is the definition of mainstream music.
Scene Teen: Hayy girl did you hear ATL's new song?
Scene Teen 2: omg yasss I loved it!!
True Punkrocker: If you're gonna listen to pop punk at least don't listen to the shitty type.
by Punk is Love Punk is Life May 10, 2014
basically, pop punk are popular punk bands such as blink-182, green day, sum41 etc...
thats how the "pop" got into punk.. cause its popular punk music.. well thats my meaning of it so yeah...
chick: omg! blink 182 is like totally hardcore punk!
dude: your fucking stupid.. blink is pop punk meaning popular than most punk bands
chick: uhmm.. no they're not my friend told me they are hardcore punk
dude: here's a bat.. think as if your friend is a piñata..
by yougaysonofabetch December 23, 2009
To be pop punk you have to be chill as frick.

You listen to real friends, wonder years, man overboard, being as an ocean, title fight, brand new, neck deep, la dispute, etc.
Most pop punk people say "stay posi" and eat pizza.
Person 1: Did you see that girl?

Person 2: yeah man, she's so pop punk!
by Nippleweed December 03, 2013
The only music genre where the performers are as awkward and clumsy as the kids who listen to it
Hey All Time Low is a pop punk band
by trolololbitches July 27, 2012
Starting with bands such as propaghandi and the vandals, true pop punk today is much more accessible and centered around bands such as Fireworks, Transit, The Wonder Years, Polar Bear Club, and to a lesser extent Title Fight.

New Found Glory is considered to be the band which brought Pop Punk into the spotlight and influenced all of the bands above to some extent.

Fall out boy, Sum 41, Simple Plan, ect. are not pop punk. They are no different than mainstream top 40 artists like brittney spears or miley cirus. They use the same gimmicky pop hooks and overproduction except with guitars and awful fucking clothing.
sum 41 is NOT pop punk.
by happybirthdayy January 22, 2010
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