Boy bands with electric instruments. People who listen to Pop Punk have never heard real punk bands like The Offspring, or Green Day. Wait a second. They have heard of both bands, unfortuanately both bands have sold out to this disgrace. Darn it all.

BTW, How the hell did Avril Lavigne fall under Punk.
Pop Punk Fan: I went to a B182 concert. I'm so punk.

Me: No you're not. I bet you have never heard of great bands like The Offspring or Green Day.

Pop Punk Fan: Yes I have, I just bought American Idiot.

Me: Oh wait, I forgot. Both bands suck now. I hate idiots who think that pop has a place in punk.

by Okita-Kun September 18, 2005
as people have already pointed out, this can't really exist because it's an oxymoron, although there are some bands that have been labelled as pop punk.
a real pop punk band is the Buzzcocks.
all the other modern day bands like good charlotte and sum41 and avril lavigne are shite. get over it.
girl1: i'm so cool cos i listen to pop punk bands like GC
girl2: ever heard of the buzzcocks?
girl1: WHAT?
girl2: (slaps girl1)
by anus mcgee February 01, 2007
pop-punk is unarguably one of the most confusing and varied genres. ever. everyone knows that punk rock originates from the 80s and kids had mohawks and blah blah blah. then in the 90s, that was still around. but later on bands started making popular punk music. thats basically was it means. its just punk music that is popular. bands like that were blink-182, green day, sum 41, etc. so as time progressed, scene and emo kids came out and then something magical happened. bands like we the kings, mayday parade, all time low started making this "new" pop punk that all those scene kids digged. but without knowing it bands like man overboard, the wonder years etc were being formed. those bands have really made their own pop punk genre. that form of pop punk is really the biggest at the moment and it is its whole phenomenon, like the pizza eating and making tumblr edits and stuff. anyway, behind all of that is the old/new weird pop punk that no one can really explain why its pop punk but it just is, bands like brand new and american football. pop punk can also be hardcore as well like pierce the veil can be put in the 'hardcore still emo in 2013' sorta group but is also in the new pop punk one too. anyway, old pop punk, new pop punk, weird indescribable pop punk, it doesn't matter. its good shit. AND WHATEVER ANYONE SAYS, 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER IS NOT POP PUNK.
first pop punk: blink-182, the ataris, bowling for soup, weezer, green day, sum 41, new found glory, the all american rejects, yellowcard, jimmy eat world, good charlotte

2005-2009 ((scene kids shit)): the academy is..., all time low, boys like girls, we the kings, we are the in crowd, the red jumpsuit apparatus, paramore, panic! at the disco, my chemical romance, mayday parade, mariana's trench, the maine, hit the lights, hey monday, every avenue, fall out boy, cute is what we aim for

hardcore pop punk: sleeping with sirens, SECRETS, pierce the veil, a day to remember, get scared, ghost town

indescribable: american football, brand new, say anything, taking back sunday

modern 'popular': the front bottoms, tigers jaw, joyce manor, man overboard, the story so far, neck deep, state champs, major league, modern baseball, real friends, transit, touche amore, basement, handguns, citizen, the wonder years, seahaven, front porch step, tonight alive, all time low

im probably forgetting tons of bands but yea you get the picture
by baeley July 29, 2014
Genre of music. People that are pop punk wear crew necks, eat pizza, and say works like "stoked" and "rad".
"Defend pop-punk"
"So stoked to see the story so far they're so pop-punk."
by ftdsgfdisvf October 12, 2013
Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Simple Plan -ARE NOT POP PUNK.
First you have to be punk in order to become a pop punk band.

Heres some Pop Punk bands:
Enemy You
Screeching Weasel (there bark like a dog album)
Teen Idols

Do not listen to the crap on MTV.
Pop + Punk = Enemy You
Pop + Crap = Good Charlotte
by screechingqueer March 23, 2005
1)An oxymoronic term in the fact that punk is the essence of individuality and seperation from society, whereas pop is the celebration of society's standards of fashion and higherarchy.
2)A term often applied to alternative or "bubble gum" rock bands that play repetitive riffs and wear items like studded belts and wristbands.
The Starting Line, Story of the Year, Ocean Avenue, Lost Prophets
by Deryck June 08, 2004
Commercialized rock music labeled as "punk". Idiot consumers eat it up.
"Punk isn't dead, it's just been strangeled."
by no July 17, 2003
A Pretty good type of music that most "Real" punks look down upon just because it doesent live up to Punks standards. And yes, I agree with them. Most pop punk is a pile of shit. But there is alot of really good Pop Punk out there that is Loud, fast, fun and rebelious. But it is basicly just a more melodic and catchier type of punk rock.
Good Pop Punk: Descendents, NOFX, (old) Green Day, Lagwagon, Screeching Weasal, (Old) Blink 182, Ramones, The Offspring, (Old) Mxpx, Rancid, The Buzzcocks, The Sidekicks, etc

Bull Shit Pop punk: Simple Plan, Paramore, Fall out boy, We the Kings, Boys like Girls, (New) Blink 182, New found glory, good charlotte, Avril Lavigne, Sum 41, etc
by PunkRockKid1995 May 04, 2009

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