Boy bands with electric instruments. People who listen to Pop Punk have never heard real punk bands like The Offspring, or Green Day. Wait a second. They have heard of both bands, unfortuanately both bands have sold out to this disgrace. Darn it all.

BTW, How the hell did Avril Lavigne fall under Punk.
Pop Punk Fan: I went to a B182 concert. I'm so punk.

Me: No you're not. I bet you have never heard of great bands like The Offspring or Green Day.

Pop Punk Fan: Yes I have, I just bought American Idiot.

Me: Oh wait, I forgot. Both bands suck now. I hate idiots who think that pop has a place in punk.

by Okita-Kun September 18, 2005
Well, "pop-punk", is a type of music that is dying right now, this is because there are many bands such as "son on dork" and mcfly who are trying to push their way into this discription. It is a catchy type of generic rock which produces huge record sales, so is very lucrtive to endorse. Usually three or four band memebers, two on vocals. Target audience 10 - 25 year olds. Uses simple but very effective riffs and chord combos. Feel good music. Summer music. from a broad prospective it can offend people who like slightly heavier music. this genre was created when punk rock was split into many different and new catagories in the late 90's. Usually the listeners and members of bands use toilet humer and sex jokes, this can be very funny at times, but now in 2006 has been milked and milked. Although many will be sad to see pop-punk bands starrt to disapear, it is a inevitable fact. soza guys.

Written bye Sam.
Pop-punk examples

Ex 1) Tom - "never eat dog seamen, its the number one cause of um, bad breath"

Ex 2) Mark - you know what?
Tom - "never attack someone that shits on them self"
by Sam hkvguciy April 19, 2006
Nobody here has once said that Pop-Punk usually involves harmonies, and being creative with different progressions. The only reason the word "Pop" is in front of punk, is because melodies are a lot more structured and clearer. It's just music that is easy on the ears, and usually talks about love, failure, and life. Much like the golden 50's, Pop-Punk is the equivelent to doo-wop bands like the early Beatles and The temptations. Though there can be many bad Pop-punk bands who sing about going to school and riding skateboards, it is just a form of music for the youth. I just say that back in the day, it was ok to sing about love, but what happened?
Kid 1:I really enjoy these Pop Punk bands.
Kid2: I know! Those 3 part harmonies are ridiculous!
by Jasonh2n July 16, 2006
If you were to ask an average teenage girl who listens to pop punk WHY she likes certain pop punk bands, the answer you'll most likely get is that she thinks the guys in the band are "hot."

Seriously. When was the last time you heard a girl say she liked Fall Out Boy without also saying that "Pete Wentz is liek omfg SOO HAWT!!1!"? It's the same with bands like Green Day, My Chemical Romance, or any others that are popular right now.

If the bands' fans would learn to appreciate them for their musical talent rather than their members' looks, then maybe there wouldn't be so many idiots making the band look like a bunch of terrible no-talent sellouts (or, in fact, actually MAKING them terrible no-talent sellouts).
Guy: So I see you like Fall Out Boy. May I ask why?

Pop Punk fangirl: OMFG becuz Pete Wentz is liek SOOOO HAWT!1! Hes in that band and liek hes totally SEXII!1!

Guy: ... Ok... and what about their music??

Pop Punk fangirl: Ohh yes!! Patrick Stump's voice is SOOOO WONDERFUL!!! Ahhh.. *swoons*

Guy: -_- wait here while I go get a heavy object...
by SomeBadJoke November 01, 2006
oh my god. its just a genre of music. get over it.

get over the fact that the name is an oxymoron. maybe it was supposed to be that way.

get over the fact that you dont think its cool, other people do.

not all people who listen to it think they're being punk. SOME people listen to music because they think it sounds good, not because theyre trying to represent something.

all of the people trying to steer people who like pop punk in another direction should stop. pop punk is just an alternative to punk. nobody cares if you think its good. let people make their music. dont listen to it if you dont want to.
any bands who consider themselves pop punk.
by whatever632 August 09, 2009
Pop punk is a subgenre of punk played simplistically, but with good melodies. Lyrics have catchy hooks and are usually about love, alienaton, feeling insecure, or whatever the hell random thing the writer wants (Da Stike by Millencolin is about bowling).

Unfortunately, the genre is being ruined by MTV who are telling 14 year old girls that anyone who wears black and has emo-hair is punk. All of these bands are just posers who play watered down versions of the genre for personal gain.

Real pop punk is real punk. In fact, in a way, is more punk than many others because they don't try too hard to be punk. Good pop punk bands will write songs that are the antidote for heartache. Bad pop punk bands make heartache even worse (see emo)
Pop punk: Millencolin (personal fave), Screeching Weasel, Descendants, NOFX, Lagwagon, Rancid, Buzzcocks, Ramones, Blink 182 (Dude Ranch), Green Day (Kerplunk-Nimrod)

Not punk: Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, All American Rejects, Sum 41 (even though I'll admit I like a couple of their songs)

Really really really really not pop punk: Avril Lavigne
by ojuice3112 April 25, 2008
it's a term used to name the music style of bands like Green Day, Blink 182, Good Charlotte, or Simple Plan.
This bands were influenced by the skatepunk bands like Bad Religion, Nofx, Pennywise, etc. They made the songs catchier so it would become more listenable to the mainstream audience therefore more popular. That's where the name pop-punk comes from.
Being mainstream music has caused the rejection of this music by other punkrockers who are against the mainstream and corporate music.
Nowadays pop-punk is influating other bands to create new styles of music like rock-pop or new hardcore-pop better known to the audience as emo music
Green Day, Blink 182, Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan are the best examples of pop-punk
by andre palacios December 02, 2007
a sub genre of punk which was spearheaded by bands like blink-182, The Offspring, and Green Day. these are real pop punk bands. they are often called posers, but that is just because they are constantly being copied by bands like Simple Plan, Avril Lavigne, Good Charlotte, and Bowling for Soup
maybe blink 182's untitled album and American Idiot weren't punk, but back in the day these bands were real pop-punk
Simple Plan: (whiney voice) I'm just a kid, and life is a nightmare!!!

blink-182 fan: screw you, listen to some real music
good pop punk songs:
anthem, pt. 2 (don't get these mixed up with the anthem)
have you ever
pretty fly (for a white guy)
welcome to paradise

not pop punk (no punk):
i'm just a kid
welcome to my life
the anthem
dance floor anthem
by aigh44 April 06, 2008
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