Pussy sellout punk imitators, who stole half the clothing style and made crappy music and called it "punk". Nothing but whiny wannabe hypocrite weaklings, most of which with no music talent. See poser.
Pop-punk such as Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Avril Lavigne, and Sum41, all suck very much.
by sxe June 02, 2003
n. Music which is pesudo-punk. It's got the loud guitars, it's got just enough of the "I'm angry" vibe to still be interesting to today's youth. But it's way too polished and lacks the substance of true punk.
by The Grammar Nazi December 04, 2001
crapola pop music with a tacky £100 guitar playing two chords in the background of some 19 year old twat trying to imitate blink 182 but failing to do so bcos if they swear the mainstream wont want them and that would be shit cos they wouldnt get any money would they?no!
Busted -urk
by nicci March 22, 2004
Pop punk has been ruined by all american rejects, all time low, bowling for soup and Averil whatserface, Those bands dont even derve CAPS but Blink 182, Green Day, Box Car Racer, Rise Against, Jimmy Eat World, SR-71 and i guess the newer hawthorne heights are really good bands.
Guy 1: Hey, u wana go to an All Time Low concert? they are the most bad ass Pop Punk band ever!
Me: Hey, wana grow some testes and get a life?
A kind of punk rock with poppy hooks. Often confused with pop.

Examples of pop punk:

Bad Religion
Unwritten Law
Screeching Weasel
The Queers

Example of pop:

Good Charlotte
blink-182 (the only pop band with any talent whatsoever, but spawned a bunch of shitty bands such as the above)
Ryan Cabrera
Simple Plan
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by DJ-BILLZ May 16, 2005
not punk. more of a bastard red headed sone of punk. has some qualitys of punk, fast loud and obxios, but not punk. some what like ska(no I'm not comparing ska to pop punk) that has qulitys of punk but is a completely diffrent genra
That pop punker rocks pretty hard but still needs to stop shoping at goddanm hot topic and take that pre printed anarchy patch off.
by anita bigdick May 24, 2004

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