Pussy sellout punk imitators, who stole half the clothing style and made crappy music and called it "punk". Nothing but whiny wannabe hypocrite weaklings, most of which with no music talent. See poser.
Pop-punk such as Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Avril Lavigne, and Sum41, all suck very much.
by sxe June 02, 2003
A style of rock characterized by a fast tempo, melodic vocals, and "juvenile" subject matter (although some later pop punk delves into deeper lyrical topics). The style was formed in the late 80's when bands began combining an early punk guitar style and lyrics with cleaner vocals, two and three part harmonies, and prominent hooks. This style is much more melodic, but still high energy and sometimes moshable. Depending on the subgenre, bands can exhibit varying degrees of hardcore punk, emo, and post-hardcore influences as well. Pop punk bands such as Green Day and Blink-182 went on to develop more alternative influenced sounds with their later albums, while bands like All Time Low nearly abandoned the punk aspect of the music, instead going for a more pop-based, radio-friendly sound.
Fan #1: "Hey, did you hear about that pop-punk show going on tonight?"

Fan #2: "Yeah man, let's go skate around outside the venue and then pogo to some sweet tunes!"
by Plus55 January 05, 2011
pop punk is a style of music that combines the fast-paced rock rhythms of punk, and catchy hooks and melodies of pop. YES, bands like bowling for soup, fall out boy, relient k are considered pop punk. they have fast punk rhythms of normally 3-4 chords, but have catchy pop melodies. If you're going to say that pop punk isn't true punk, the ramones (the first punk band) had catchy fun light-hearted songs. Then the sex pistols came in and turned it into a political thing. pop punk is NOT powerpop (the click five, we the kings, boys like girls, etc.) people who listen to pop punk often appreciate the catchy melodies over the faced paced punk riffs.
Pop Punk - Blink 182, Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, Simple Plan, Bowling For Soup, All Time Low (before dirty work), Relient K, Green Day (later), Motion City Soundtrack, Fall Out Boy, FM Static, etc.
by poppunk101 December 29, 2011
A type of music which is similar to classic punk rock music, except with appealing vocals/instrumentals. Because the genre is catchy, lots of people listen to it. This irritates others, because punk isn't supposed to be popular.
People who listen to pop-punk normally know that they themselves and the bands they listen to are not punk, they just listen to the music because they like it (or they listened to real punk and didn't like it too much). Most actually respect punk rock bands, just choose not to listen to them. The same probably goes for the band.
Pop punk bands (that are good if you give them a chance):
The Offspring, Sum 41 (not the early Sum 41), Green Day, Blink-182 (early).
Stuff that is sadly in the same category: Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, New Found Glory.
by Angus the Superduck September 11, 2005
music that was cool in the 90's but has sucked in the 2000's
the offspring and nofx are examples of good pop punk bands
by futuramafan February 05, 2008
A less violent version of punk, appealing to a younger age range with less violent topics.
Sum 41 vs Bad Religion
by Benz December 10, 2003
an oxymoron. punk is supposed to be anti-popular so how can you have popular punk. pop punk was invented by greedy record companies to make money off of 10-year-old kids
blink 182, sum 41, simple plan, good charlotte
by pop punk sucks January 10, 2004
as people have already pointed out, this can't really exist because it's an oxymoron, although there are some bands that have been labelled as pop punk.
a real pop punk band is the Buzzcocks.
all the other modern day bands like good charlotte and sum41 and avril lavigne are shite. get over it.
girl1: i'm so cool cos i listen to pop punk bands like GC
girl2: ever heard of the buzzcocks?
girl1: WHAT?
girl2: (slaps girl1)
by anus mcgee February 01, 2007

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