Pop music is probably the biggest waste of time this side of Rap. Mostly, the singers are stupid teens with no talent singing about love or what a great day it is. Pop artists never touch on serious or meaningful topics, as it would alienate their fanbase.
Set "Pop music was created by Satan as a way to torture human beings and drive good music FURTHER underground."
by Set Abominae March 15, 2007
Pop music- n. Music that is, as the name suggests, popular among music listeners. Pop(ular) music can be anything really, dance, hip hop, rock, etc. Pop music also varies from country to country, and can be considered to vary even in different areas (what's popular in Midland, Texas may not be as popular in London, for instance...heck, they may even be the same sometimes, who knows). Popular music is not really a genre, but rather any kind of music that is spinning round and round the minds of consumers.
Elvis was popular in his time, so were the Beatles, Nirvana, COUNTLESS folk acts, and well, you get the idea. Popular music is just a term used to designate whats hot on the pulse of music. Just because a lot of people like something doesn't make it bad (not to say that I don't dislike some, if not a lot of pop music personally) because heck, maybe the collective consciousness can come up with some good ideas sometimes, eh? If you just listen to a band because it is not well known, or refuse to listen to a band because it is popular (God forbid you do both), then you are listening to music for all the wrong reasons, and should look into joining a secret club to satisfy your superficial desires to be "cool" because the cool folks just do whatever the heck they want, we dont care what the critics say, even if its good. Thats how cool we are. ;)
by The King of Californitopia December 27, 2005
While originally it was defined solely as merely meaning popular music, the term has evolved, with a second definition.

This newer use defines mostly mainstream music. Catchy, simpler rhythms, repeating chorus, minimal (or no) guitar, heavy drum beats, streamlined lyrics that don't really have a deeper meaning, and so on. Acts such as Britney Spears, Lily Allen, late 80's/early 80's-on Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, and the like... would not be categorized as rock, hip hop, R&B (while a common element of pop music), metal, blues, or anything else... it would be categorized as "Pop Music". It is a genre as well as a term referring to music that is popular.
Pop music
Pop songs
Michael Jackson
Britney Spears
Lily Allen
Christina Aguilera
Lady Gaga
Kate Nash
The Jackson 5
Ricky Martin
The Spice Girls
Billy Joel
Early Beatles
by Lemony Flavor October 15, 2009
A genre of music. Pop refers to 'popular'

This genre of music is generally listened to by the wild fag.
"What's that playing on the radio?"

"Pop music"

"No wonder i hear fags"
by Erik N. Maknov March 31, 2014
A type of music popularized by the mainstream. Often a perfect example of the moral degradation in our modern society.
James died last week because he heard the latest Pop Music "Sensation."
by The guy behind you... January 07, 2015
Contrary to popular belief (above) pop music is not short for Lollypop music but Popular music. Pop Music = Popular Music, basically rendering a lot of "alternative music" IE Nirvana, to be Pop, and a lot of rock music like the beatles (or nirvana) to not only be rock music, but also pop music. Sorry people.

"pop" is deemed to mean more than popular to record copanies, they see it as an actual type of music, a particular sound. A money-making sound. Don't confuse yourself thinking you dont like "pop" music though.
"I am Britney Spears, I sell records, I am a pop artist*"

(*please note if she referred to herself as an artist in my presence i would donkey punch her)

"Hi Im Jake Teblaauznikov, I am an overweight 30 year old Russian man. I make music inspired by Britney Spears, basically exactly the same to her music, but noones heard of me and noone buys my record, I am not a pop artist"
by xxoo May 14, 2003
Pop music can be any form of music (rock, country, rap even metal) that hits the chart. But it has some requirements:
1. Have no talent
2. Repeat lyrics over and over
3. Be good looking
4. Remember to have no musical ability!
5. If you are a boy, feature half naked girls in your video
6. If you are a girl, be half naked.
7. Lyrics are whatever the public wants to listen to.
If you join the pop music industry, you'll last a few years at most.
by a_random_girl_online_duh August 29, 2015
Usually, a label for EDM songs that probably did not make the cut.

(I listen to EDM)

"Pop" and EDM share a lot of similarities, However...
EDM is composed better than "pop".
EDM is less likely to have lyrics, but if it does, it is more creative than lyrics of "pop" music (not about love). The Vocals also sound better.
"Pop" Musicians have not yet learned that rap does not go well with EDM.

Of course, if you hate EDM (I listen to other genres as well), Pop Music would be even worse for you.
(Teenage girl is listening to Katy Perry)
Me: Wow! That song... It's Terrible. The vocals, The Instruments, The Lyrics.
Teenage Girl: That's Your Opinion.
Me: I am going to show you REAL Music
(I start playing Hardwell)
Teenage Girl: That was the best song I have ever heard! I hate Pop Music now.
by Fixor of society May 11, 2016
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