Pop music is probably the biggest waste of time this side of Rap. Mostly, the singers are stupid teens with no talent singing about love or what a great day it is. Pop artists never touch on serious or meaningful topics, as it would alienate their fanbase.
Set "Pop music was created by Satan as a way to torture human beings and drive good music FURTHER underground."
by Set Abominae March 15, 2007
Music that people like because the singer(s) are cute. You never hear somebody call a rock god cute.
OMG look its Justine Timberlake hes is the cutest thing ever. ( wat is heard all the time)
OMG look its Jimi Hendrix he is the hottest thing ive ever seen (wat is never heard)
by goosebumpsadair June 26, 2005
Pop Music: the reason I have my dad's .22 loaded, next to my head if I hear that goddamn "Toxic" song one more time!!
1. Who really wants to know about Britney's sexual peferences?(That was a retortical question, boys.)
2. I really do not give a shit about being young and hopeless.
by dark soul March 16, 2004
Owww my ears...make it stop make it stop make it stop.::Gets out cd player and puts in rock music::
Pop music must die!
by darkdreamer July 21, 2003
The shittiest excuse for music since rap. See also craptacular or shithouse. The only exception from pop being shit it The Beatles, but I think of them as classic rock.
Pop loving teenager - Oh wow, don't you just love Justin Timberlake? His new song is so hooooot!!! I LOVE POP MUSIC!!!
Real music lover - Get the fuck away from me *kicks several times in head*
by The Awesomest Guy EVER October 18, 2006
commonly mistaken for being a shortened version of 'popular music', pop music is a term that applies to songs which use a pretty formulaic verse chorus bridge, verse chorus as the standard.. a rock n' roll song that hits it bigtime is still a rock song.. popular country tunes are still country tunes.. hip hop be hip hop. due to mass-corruption on many levels of humanity, pop's name has been spoiled--forever linked to (but not limited to) the latest top40 geared studio manufactured product pusher of the month.
fella #1: "did you watch conan last night?"
duder #2: "nah, too busy watchin'the music video station."
fella #1: "those music video's are nothing more than 3 1/2 minute commercials, played over and over until we know the words, associate that with liking it and buy the album."
duder #2: *singing latest madonna song in his head* "huh? whah? sorry, i wasn't listening."
fella #1: "record companys decide and let the music channels and radio stations know what the next hit single shall be. they can afford to do that sorta thing."
duder #2: "but kelly clarkson totally rocks!"
fella #1: "wrong. she will be gone shortly and forever erased from our memories."
duder #2: "who was on conan?"
fella #1: "broken social scene.. amazing band, proving that the pop music has room for growth, depth, and talent."
duder #2: "you gonna eat that?"
fella #1: "ugh.. take it." *hands over his sandwich*
by the-rich February 27, 2006
pop music is written by no-talent persons and sung by bitches and losers like Janet Jackson. Mostly one pop music sounds just like the others because it was written by a drunken 19 year old asstard who took a music class in high school and think's he's the next David Bowie.
I listened to pop music for 3 hours until my brain imploded because of all the stupid sound-alike music and the retarded lyrics.
by myliecyrussucks August 14, 2009
misleading term in that it is not actually music. It is mearly the veicle derrived by the media to direct public opinion. "pop bands" such as Mcfly, Girls aloud, or the Faders have no control therefore over their shelf life.
Shame sum bands are around far too long
by bob March 28, 2005

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