commonly mistaken for being a shortened version of 'popular music', pop music is a term that applies to songs which use a pretty formulaic verse chorus bridge, verse chorus as the standard.. a rock n' roll song that hits it bigtime is still a rock song.. popular country tunes are still country tunes.. hip hop be hip hop. due to mass-corruption on many levels of humanity, pop's name has been spoiled--forever linked to (but not limited to) the latest top40 geared studio manufactured product pusher of the month.
fella #1: "did you watch conan last night?"
duder #2: "nah, too busy watchin'the music video station."
fella #1: "those music video's are nothing more than 3 1/2 minute commercials, played over and over until we know the words, associate that with liking it and buy the album."
duder #2: *singing latest madonna song in his head* "huh? whah? sorry, i wasn't listening."
fella #1: "record companys decide and let the music channels and radio stations know what the next hit single shall be. they can afford to do that sorta thing."
duder #2: "but kelly clarkson totally rocks!"
fella #1: "wrong. she will be gone shortly and forever erased from our memories."
duder #2: "who was on conan?"
fella #1: "broken social scene.. amazing band, proving that the pop music has room for growth, depth, and talent."
duder #2: "you gonna eat that?"
fella #1: "ugh.. take it." *hands over his sandwich*
#record comapnies #corporate corruption #brain washing #rock 'n roll #music videos
by the-rich February 27, 2006
A publicly accepted form of techno, (meaning that the music is composed using ELECTRONIC SEQUENCING SOFTWARE). The only thing that makes people think it's not techno is because pop music uses vocals as the main part of the song. Unfortunately, pop music sucks shit because whatever the "singers" are saying has already been said 5 million times before by previously manufactured talentless scumbags.
There has never been a more vile abomination to the music industry than the scourge of pop music, all of which is supported by the Record industry Asswipes of America, or RIAA.
by rock fan November 19, 2003
a tamed crappy genre which is destroying music (bring back punk). Not only is the music manufactured but the pop star's life is manufactured, they marry someone, divorce them so they can write a bloody book about it! once a pop act has released one bloody album they get someone to write a biography (aka kiss there ass) about them and put the word unofficial on it so it'll look more cool, cool my arse. Absorbed by the fucking public who dont know shit about actual music (rock music where the band writes there own songs). Basically the apocolypse of music until another sex pistols turns up and fixes it.
stupid teenage girl: i love justin bieber hes so HAWT
me: fuck off, pop music is for arsehole's
#crap #shit #shite #pop music #no talent
by Jonneh123 July 08, 2010
A style of music which is judged by those who like it more on the appearance of those singing it than the music.
Britney Spears is hot. She MUst be extremely talented.
by Oh shit I'm dead October 19, 2004
The worst form of "music" in the whole music world. Usually involves no talent. Singing voices are usually digitally improved. Has some stupid electronic beat in the background.
Britney Spears has no talent, making her a pop music artist.
#pop #music #pop music #death metal #deah #metal
by 6MeTaL666FrEaK6 April 10, 2009
Piss off please
to all pop singers of the world
by MR I DONT LIKE POP September 09, 2003
A music genre that tends to be in the mainstream. It usually is repetitive, and it focuses of the words being formed in a rhythm that connects to people who grown a liking to it, usually people are raised upon it because it is the easiest and weakest form of music created, this is why most artists resort to it when they are desperate, it becomes famous instantly and easily, but A lot of it is recycled and processed into another song that is similar with beats but the lyrics are changed and the rhythm is changed a little. That's why when people start off or resort to pop music or the mainstream "Pop "of their Genre, they tend to get less respect because it is typical, not original or meaningful, it is repetitive and only weakens music as a whole. It can start off as for example rock music and then weaken to pop music, people may think it is still rock, but it's really turned pop, with just enough rock to even be considered rock music, when it's just pop music disguised as rock n roll. This is why they may call it "mainstream" because it is basically pop music of that genre. So all in all pop music is either a weakened, recycled, & repetitive form of another genre, or it is simply lyrics with a weak beat and formed to whom like the mainstream sound, which tends to be extremely popular.
Idiot: "Is that hip hop song fancy by Iggy azalea?"

Smart person: "No, that is simply a mainstream pop music disguised as hiphop"
#pop #music #repetitive #irrelevent #popular
by Madison P February 07, 2015
a shitty form of 'music' (some1 plz explain how it can fall into the same catergory as metal) where a bunch of 'boys' (once again confused) wear girls jeans a townie t shirt nd get there hair bleached blonde then buy guitars write a bunch of meaningless shit, it gets on the radio nd almost damages my ears. it sucksey cant sing cant play their instruments and write as well as a piece of retarded zombie cat shit
oooh the girl dumped me coz im a loser(some windows break)
oooh i shagged the gay off star trek (a crappy attempt of a guitar solo)
who's david?did she dump me coz i damaged her ears.
that girls fit lalalalalala (more windows break)
i write pop music lalalalalalalala (1 final window break and i run around screaming "my eaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrs the pop crap is spreading")
#crap #shit #sucks #crappie #idiotic
by womanofmassdistraction January 20, 2006
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