to threaten to cause physical harm to someone, but can only be done by saying "pop it" in the sentence
"I'm going to pop it on you with this coat hanger!"
by Alexander Scott August 14, 2008
Top Definition
when a person (usually a female) "pops" her butt out and arches her lower back in.. usually to a beat.
When Candy got out on the dance floor, she started to pop it on this hot guy!
by coriebldz January 22, 2007
To "pop it like it's hot" or more generally, "Pop it" is to represent something well or do something proficiently. To wear something.

Can be used interchangeably with "Rocking it."
That haircut is terrible, but you pop it.
by kaypricot March 21, 2010
A variation of daps in which one person extends a closed fist, and the second person slaps the top of the fist.
This gesture is used when a comeback is so good that daps simply isn't enough.
"Oh by the way, you got a letter from Denda."
"De-end-a my DICK, nigga!... POP IT!"
by Jersey J March 09, 2010
when someone pops a boner in a all guys gym class. (THEY WERE WRESTLING)
:(wrestling) fag(robbie):oh i poped a boner
by K. Waggsta March 09, 2005
when someone pops a boner during an all guys gym class. (True Story)
(wrestling) fag(Robbie): oh i poped a boner
by K. Waggsta March 09, 2005
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