Politics in media.

(what's with this "Definition must have at least 20 letters and 3 words." bullshit?)
"Pop Culture is politics in media" - some guy on some message board
by 031390 July 09, 2006
LOL @ all the teenybopper definitions.
The guy who said they need to be stoned to death got it right.
by fuck this shit April 04, 2005
A horrid way-of-life where goths (who spray Axe and shop at Hot Topic) and preps (who watch MTV and shop at Aeropostale) go and insult each other. Yes, there is some intergration, but usually they just insult each other on the way they look.
"Let us observe the hideous dirt children subject to pop culture!" - Me.
by Nick October 01, 2003
Pop culture is like a Judicial Branch. It can interpret society as a Judicial Branch interprets a law.
Emo today is the product of pop culture.
by Riller April 03, 2007
Doing stupid moves in pro wrestling that aren't actually wrestling moves, but are moves that the casual fans enjoy.
That move was so pop culture
John Cena's "five knuckle shuffle" move is a pop culture
by milf_hunter December 13, 2005
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