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a sluttish or whorey girl.
Damn that girl Kia is such a pop.
by Shawn91 July 10, 2008
a whore, a slut, an easy chick
she probably has stds, that fxcking pop
by tHOROLADi April 22, 2008
a hoe or one "gets around". Usually well known in more than one neighborhood or even an entire city for giving free blow jobs or sex. They are usually not too pretty and often pretty dirty -not in a good way.
Yo, did you hear, Becky fucked like 10 guys at that party last night! She's such a pop!
by Oh so very Lost January 22, 2008
the shittiest type of music, that requires the least talent. shitty lyrics about stupid relationships, that most of the time arent even written by the "artist". pop singers usually lipsink while doing weird ass fucking movements that they like to call dance moves. the songs sound very gay, and are so awful that when i hear them my ears bleed, and i begin to have thoughts of commiting suicide. usually only the lead singer is accredited for being a musical genius, when they are not even playing the instruments, or writing the songs. pop music is a disgrace to humanity.
fuck tard: i love jessica simpson. she's so talented.

me: talented? she's fucking retarded.
by MetallilbangeR April 13, 2005
Stands for "probability of precipitation" but easier to say
Hey it looks like it's gonna rain, but the weather forecaster dude said there's only 20 POPs today so probably not.
by MVPx4 October 11, 2012
A genre of music. Pop is always either music that is popular at the time that it's released, or music that people can't be bothered to pus into an actual genre. A majority of pop music used to be rather good, with stars like David Bowie and Madonna building their careers on it. Pop music it now given a bad name because of terrible musicians like Avril Lavigne and Lady Gaga.
13 year old girl: Pop music is fantastic!
Someone with good taste: No it's not, you fool. The only good pop music is older pop like David Bowie.
13 year old girl: Who? He sounds like an idiot.
Someone with good taste: *dies from exposure to pure stupidity*
by Element of awesomeness December 26, 2011
the muffin that pops out of the toaster
e.g. pops, 'tis ready
by yellowdaug August 23, 2011