grandfather, great-grandfather
look ova there, thats jessica's pop
by aussie_gurl May 27, 2007
Carbonated beverage also known as soda.
Hey y'all my mouth is so dry I need to drink some pop.
by ECB! May 14, 2007
to shoot
as in "im gonna pop a cap in his ass"
by Anonymous May 11, 2003
Announcing a Warcraft III server has been hosted!
Elhustler: Pop!?
ZerafaJoe: Is it up yet?!
Zerocool: Who's hosting?
GrotesqueWelsh: <Boring Monologue>
Jesus: POP!
Elhustler: Joining
ZerafaJoe: Burking
by AGames April 01, 2008
a type of "music" in which at least one group member is gay.

And for the rest of you jackasses out there, its SODA.
pop sucks. Why do you lisnen to it.
by Daniel Richards May 12, 2005
the shittiest type of music, that requires the least talent. shitty lyrics about stupid relationships, that most of the time arent even written by the "artist". pop singers usually lipsink while doing weird ass fucking movements that they like to call dance moves. the songs sound very gay, and are so awful that when i hear them my ears bleed, and i begin to have thoughts of commiting suicide. usually only the lead singer is accredited for being a musical genius, when they are not even playing the instruments, or writing the songs. pop music is a disgrace to humanity.
fuck tard: i love jessica simpson. she's so talented.

me: talented? she's fucking retarded.
by MetallilbangeR April 13, 2005
acronym for "Pull Out & Pray"
Person 1: you should definitely tap that before someone else does.
Person 2: But i dont have a condom bro

Person 1: P.O.P bro
by Themierduh October 07, 2010

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