to shoot
as in "im gonna pop a cap in his ass"
by Anonymous May 11, 2003
grandfather, great-grandfather
look ova there, thats jessica's pop
by aussie_gurl May 27, 2007
Carbonated beverage also known as soda.
Hey y'all my mouth is so dry I need to drink some pop.
by ECB! May 14, 2007
Announcing a Warcraft III server has been hosted!
Elhustler: Pop!?
ZerafaJoe: Is it up yet?!
Zerocool: Who's hosting?
GrotesqueWelsh: <Boring Monologue>
Jesus: POP!
Elhustler: Joining
ZerafaJoe: Burking
by AGames April 01, 2008
a type of "music" in which at least one group member is gay.

And for the rest of you jackasses out there, its SODA.
pop sucks. Why do you lisnen to it.
by Daniel Richards May 12, 2005
A girl that has sex, or oral sex, with numerous guys.
I don't like her, that pop slept with my boyfriend!
by TNelly April 03, 2008
A new way of saying that an idea is wack or stupid.

(heard on the streets of Harlem, NY.)
boy #1: Yo, what'chu think about me painting my bike yellow and pink?

boy's friends: That's keep OD'ing with your dumb ideas.

by El Muñeco December 08, 2005

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