A description of someone who is really hip-hop and totally hot on the street. This can be someone who is a really hard gangster. If you are really pop you don't need to worry about paying for a bus because you get on free.
Derick: Yo yo yo mate, how are you?
Hard Harrold: Orite man, i am great. Im really pop right now, you know?
Derick: Oh cool you must get free public transport then?
Hard Harrold: Stop it little Derick.
by Mr McGoobie November 12, 2009
1)A slang term originating in Philly that means to have sex with a female that you have been wanting to for a while

2)A term used by Philly teens that means very fun or exciting or just all out crazy
1) "Yo when you gonna pop that girl next door to you??"
"Chill, I popped her last night"

2) "Yo man you think this party is gonna pop tonite??"
"I dont know, last time it did one thing...popped!"
by dabull August 13, 2009
1. A synonym for soda.
2. A fun word to say.
3. An explosive sound.
4. The part of a name of one of the guys from the book and movie The Outsiders. (His full first name is Sodapop.)

*Speaking of The Outsiders, PLEASE make entries to the word 'Dallas Winston'. Because he was the best-looking of the gang in the 1983 movie.*
1. "I'm so thirsty, I think I'll run over to the mart to get myself a pop!"
2. "Pop. Pop. Pop. Hehe! This is so much fun!"
3. "POP! I think that was supposed to be my tire..."
4. "Sodapop Curtis. Mmm... Soda, or pop you ask?? Well, heck, let's have both since he's so darn SWEET! (Second most attractive of the Greasers in The Outsiders)

*DALLAS WINSTON IS (WAS) SOOO GOOD LOOKING!!! WHY IS LIFE THIS WAY?! NOW HE'S NOT!!! Make entries to the word 'Dallas Winston' and 'Dally'.
by Mrs. Dallas Winston. April 09, 2007
Power Of the Pussy. The power a woman has over a man virtually by her sex. In this context, she becomes the most powerful force on earth.
"POP!, the Power Of the Pussy got you again, bro, you're getting pussy whipped!"
by Matt Johnson lll March 21, 2007
A dance move in which the butt is moved up and down in a "popping" motion while both hands are on the knees.
That bitch thinks she can pop.
by Enneirda August 07, 2005
1) How people from the West (besides California) say Soda. Some idiot said people from the North say it. I live in NJ, have been to Boston, go to NYC alot, and Philly, have never heard a local call it "pop", most people would either look at you weird or just assume you were a tourist. I'm not making fun of the way you guys say pop, I just want to get the point across that it's a western thing.

2) Genre of music, "famous" artists include Brittney Spears, Hillary Duff, Hannah Montanna, etc. Intended for little girls and pre-teens.
1) Can I get a glass of pop?
2) OOH. mY. GAWD!!!! Let's L!sten to sUm pOp mUZicK.
by Jersey Kid January 26, 2008
3rd wheeled
My two friends keep talking about the cars they have and I don't even have my learners. I feel so popped out!
by steviewords January 26, 2009
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