A term used to describe carbonated beverages such as coke, sprite, root beer, etc. Heavily used in Canada, Michigan, and Washington State. Learn this term well if you have not already. If you are a waiter or waitress at a restaurant in an area that uses the word soda, respect the language of the visiting foreigners who say pop!
Floridian Waitress: Would you like anything to drink?
Canadian: What kinds of pop do you have?
Floridian Waitress: Pop?......Oh, you mean soda?
Canadian: NO! POP YOU GOOCH! Now bring me something nice!!!
by Nicholas Gagne November 14, 2005
simply to "fuck"
normally used to refur to the anal region
i popped yo mama last night
by Scrote April 02, 2003
To shoot someone
Yo they did a drive by last night...I almost got popped..

Im gonna pop that nigga when i catch him.
by tmacafella July 17, 2003
Originated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylania. A common name for soda used in a language commonly referred to as Pittsburguese.
Auswald: Hey, can you pass me a can of pop?
Jordan: I am from New Jersey. What the hell is pop?
Auswald: Oh, my bad, you don't know Pittsburguese. Pop is soda.
by Patrick Judge October 28, 2004
Synonym of 'father' and 'dad'. Informal.
"Pop your too old and un-cool to come out with me and my friends"
by brendan May 30, 2004
a girl that's easier than a sunday afternoon and gets around like Tupac
Boy 1: I hit that the first night I met her.
Boy 2: So did I.
Boy 1: Yea thats why she aint wifey material, strictly a pop.
by XxTheIceQueenxX December 04, 2009
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