1. the improper version of soda
2. the sound made when removing ones finger from their ass or another's ass
Could i get a pop? (the conflict between the two defintions of this word arises from this statement, does one mean, i would like a carbonated beverage, or does it mean i would like a finger up my ass?)
by norbert April 13, 2003
Music that 11-year olds think is rock.
Rock IS:
Linkin Park
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Rock is NOT:
White Stripes
Good Charlotte
Simple Plan
Sum 41
by rock rulez May 08, 2004
Pop is beer for kids let's be honest
Dude grab me a pop
by FlashO'mac23 April 15, 2015
The word that Midwesterners (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, etc) say instead of "soda".
Midwesterner at a resteraunt: What do you have for pop?

Southern waitress: Pop? You mean soda?

Midwesterner: No, I mean pop. Coke or Pepsi products?
by may contain meat April 07, 2015
Pun on Point
Friend 1: "I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me."
Friend 2: "Wow that was an awesome POP!"
by sshah January 24, 2015
Pop former bully of a person, who was once considered 'Fit', who has since transformed into someone who is now bitter and/or overweight
She used to call me fat now look at her! She's a Fat Pop!"
by Boca November 28, 2014
Pusuit of Pussy.

When youre at a party and are trying to get some ladies.
Person 1: Yo that party is gonna be dope tonight!
Person 2: Yeah bro, you on the PoP?
Person 1: I always am bro!!
by bonafidelovin August 04, 2014

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