this is another word used to describe cops,police or fuzz
watch out the pops are round the corner
by bledman August 28, 2007
v. to shoot somebody
cool music listened to by many teens
to hurt someone
dont pop his ass yet, wait, damn!
i listen to pop like michale jackson
ima pop yo head in sucka
by CRAZYCRAKA December 28, 2005
Petrified of Penises. A group of girls who are scared to have anything to do with penises. Started by Vanessa
Proud member of P.O.P
by Hoochie October 05, 2004
man, guy

used by u.t.p the og's , m o b and bks all the fin time
that is for u xbox live gamers
by xNHx VIPER June 26, 2004
a really gay name for soda
Yankee: Hey can i have a pop?
Anyone else: What the fuck is a pop?
by southside December 12, 2005
All the music that is mainsteme or (pop)ular. This includes:

Linking Park
Good Charollete
SUm 41
Blink 182

and any other EMO band.

Rock is:
Dead kennedys
Anything Punk
"My definition is that linkin park is rock! Even though it's really pop with a rap star and a DJ!"

"I'm EMO! i listen to POP!"
by Jimbo June 08, 2004
The act of beedle hitting someone with a grenade in quake 2
by moo March 12, 2003

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