A crappy free kids channel on sky. It features low budget cartoons from the 80's and a crappy animated dragon presenter (called rory) because they are to poor/crappy to splash out on a real one. Do not watch it.
Young Kid: I'm gonna watch Pop!
Me: *Strangles kid*
#pop #rory #kids #tv #channel
by ElBamble August 29, 2006
Short for pop-fucking-eyes, the best fried chicken on the planet
Let's go get some POPS tonight!
#popeyes #fried chicken #best food #chicken #soul food
by randosubmission November 28, 2009
to shoot someone in the forehead so the brain expodes out of the upper part of the skull
"keep thinkin im candy- til your fuckin skull get popped and your brains hop out the top like jack in the box" -50 cent, heat
#drugs #sex #money #murder #gangsta
by criccet October 07, 2005
To punch someone. The term is based on the sound your fist makes while striking another person 'pop.'
If you don't shut up I'm gonna pop you in the face beyatch.
by Dogshoes June 28, 2005
A slang term used for when one has finished a Video Game.
Joseph: I popped San Andreas yesterday.
by Joseph H. June 06, 2005
Short for "popular people". At my school, popular people are douches . They bully a lot too. They are also very slutty , mean, arrogant, and very stupid jerks.
Elise The Pop: Nice outfit, freak. Where did you get it?
Abby: Shut The Fuck Up.
Kyle: Yeah. Dumb ass pops don't belong at our lunch table.
#sluts #bitches #mofos i wanna kill #unicorns #chicken wings
by RandomCupcakeNinja May 17, 2012
term that people who drink Red Neck Redbulls use to reference a cigarette.
"Dude, I don't want to be a gouch monger but can-i-get-a-POP"

"No, you already killed my pack you fucking gouch."
#cig #cigarette #square #cancer stick #pop
by marfonzo April 22, 2006
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