when you jizz into a can and drink it
person #1: i need go drink some pop
person #2: eww why whould you drink pop that's nasty
by leefy008 February 18, 2007
Pop-There are many defintions of pop. But I will refer this one to music. I absolutely hate pop, but I'm not going to be all immature about it. Many thinks it is "popular music" pop for short. But you can tell its pop because it does have a certain sound. I think of it as music like boy bands, or Avril.
Boy bands aka: Nsync. Singers aka: Avril, Britney.
by Erin June 03, 2004
A stupid kind of music that requires to talent. The "musitians" are usually skanks or brainless prettyboys.
Pop makes me want to slit my wrists
by Broody May 04, 2004
P - Power
O - Of
P - Persuasion
No one can resist my POP.
by sux0r March 24, 2004
To waste with a gangster weapon such as a 9mm or an Uzi or a MAC 10.
I popped dat foo!
by Bob Marley March 30, 2003
An anomatapoetic word meaning to burst suddenly, or make a pop like sound.
Your mom popped.
by bill November 20, 2002
male progenitor who is constantly belling manz, wants man to roll him round the ends, wants man to go to mosque, wants man to get a deegree, wants man to go to bed early, wants man to wake up early, wants man to get married
Imma go collect ma pops, he's chilling at mosque in da hood, gotta go pick him up and chauffer him to ma yard.

Abdul: Pops calling me to roll him to his fams house gotta split now
Bruvv: Oi man, you are no fun always running around with your pops! swear down abs

Pops on it from day he wants me to get a degree man! innit bruv!
by adbsfabourls February 09, 2009

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