Used in substitution to almost every verb. Similar to "smurf" in the popular cartoon.
Did you pop the game yesterday?
I popped her an email, but she didn't reply.
After some foreplay, we started popping.
Pop this, shit man, it's good shit.
I'm thinking of popping it, but it's quite pricey.
by Nicola June 25, 2003
A genre of music. Pop is always either music that is popular at the time that it's released, or music that people can't be bothered to pus into an actual genre. A majority of pop music used to be rather good, with stars like David Bowie and Madonna building their careers on it. Pop music it now given a bad name because of terrible musicians like Avril Lavigne and Lady Gaga.
13 year old girl: Pop music is fantastic!
Someone with good taste: No it's not, you fool. The only good pop music is older pop like David Bowie.
13 year old girl: Who? He sounds like an idiot.
Someone with good taste: *dies from exposure to pure stupidity*
by Element of awesomeness December 26, 2011
Pop- A method of marijuana smoking originated in Syracuse NY, when combining a "bong" bowl pack containing 40% tobacco ( preferably "Tops" tobacco) and 60% weed of your choice. One lights the bong burning the all the weed and tobacco until you hear the "Pop". Following the "Pop" one continues to pull the slider and clear the whole hit. It gets you high and also a very strong head-buzz.
Our hotel rooms smells like alcohol and "pops".
by #TrueWiz October 26, 2011
a girl (or guy) who does any and everything, for every and anyone, and is well known for it. This person is usually well known in their neighborhood, borough/county, or town for this.
They are notoriuosly known to give headto anyone who asks for it.
person1: OMG did you hear, Sharlene tottaly sucked of Michael and two of his friends in the back staircase at school yesterday.

person2: Eww, she's such a pop
by blackrockerchick92 August 18, 2008
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