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Position. Of. Power

A male or female who is massively attractive just based on their position of power. (P.O.P)

Judged purely on power and not looks.
A successful rock star.

"He is pure P.O.P"
by dudette_colette January 13, 2010
a girl (or guy) who does any and everything, for every and anyone, and is well known for it. This person is usually well known in their neighborhood, borough/county, or town for this.
They are notoriuosly known to give headto anyone who asks for it.
person1: OMG did you hear, Sharlene tottaly sucked of Michael and two of his friends in the back staircase at school yesterday.

person2: Eww, she's such a pop
by blackrockerchick92 August 18, 2008
In foosball when you have the ball and shot it and it goes in to the net and comes back out (pop backs out) and is still in play.
Dave has the ball, he goes and shots against alex. The ball goes in to the net and then (pop) comes back out of the net
by cwaterton12 July 10, 2008
Generated in New York City. Usually a female who have sexual relations with and outstanding number of people. Men can also be pops.
Yo, I heard that girl next door is a pop. She messed with Danny and his whole crew.
by Antwe December 19, 2007
Shut up before I pop you in your mouth
by Rilo June 27, 2003
Used in substitution to almost every verb. Similar to "smurf" in the popular cartoon.
Did you pop the game yesterday?
I popped her an email, but she didn't reply.
After some foreplay, we started popping.
Pop this, shit man, it's good shit.
I'm thinking of popping it, but it's quite pricey.
by Nicola June 25, 2003
n. short for "soda-pop" non-region specific slang used by people from Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota and Washington (Eastern Pennsylvania does NOT say pop unless they immigrated to the area from somewhere else)
n. HORRIBLE NON-MUSIC, music that might only have at the most an instrument which is usually played by a white guy on stage but usually a black guy in the studio
n. the sound you want to hear the pop musician's head to make when you see them on tv
You got any pop?

Wanna go to this pop concert with me?
by Bug Eatin Steve February 23, 2011