1. music that can sometimes be good, but there are so many people who ruin it. britney spears, j-lo, avril...ect.
THEY ARE #####, and are mostly only respected for their sexuality. 120000
preteen skanks, and even more people who just listen to whatever is "cool"
are it's spawn. I still respect you if you listen to the music, not the messages. Pop can usually be recorded easily, with machines for all sounds and 40-year-old drunk guys writing lyrics.
pop can either be hateful to other genres, or posers of thier culture. Justin timberlake thinks he is a rapper, and while rap is annoying, and generic in my opinion, I would love to hear some tupac instead of him. Avril is appearently a punk.......oh, wait now shes "goth"..... What next, rap!?
"yoyo, im pimpin a-v wit 3 thangs ta suck at!"
be yourself, listen to what you want.
It's all music.

2. soda. mmmmmm....soda...
1. Yo, yo yo i wus bee bobbing down the sreet, shaq came down to greet, he was full 'o meat. "yo kid wanna play one on one?" all i wanted was some fun........yo janet, im down wit yo brotha yo!
-Aaron Carter

2. mmmm...soda pop.. WHAT THE ####? THE MACHINE GOT JAMMED!!! AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!
*kicks machine untill it explodes*
by j-a-y November 29, 2004
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"Pop" is what people from Michigan, Minnesota, and Washington use to denote "soda."
Washingtonian: Is there a pop machine in this venue? I am truly parched.
Californian: "Pot machine?" When did they begin the enterprise of vending the cannabis?
Washingtonian: No, good sir. I requested a "pop" machine.
Californian: Is "pop" some other form of illegal or illicit substance?
Washingtonian: No, bloke. Look here: "pop" as in a soft drink--such as a cola beverage, for example.
Californian: Ho! You desire to beseech a "soda."
Washingtonian: It's "pop," damnit. "Pop."
by discolemur July 20, 2004
Horrible "music" in wich teenage girls age 13 and up sing about the hardships of love, they do not write their own songs, nor music, and there are no real instruments, just a repetitive and chaotic electronic beat in the background with the girl constantly going "ooooh ooooh! oh woah woah woah woah woah woah, heee heeeeya-ya! ooooh baby!" in between verses.
In a word, ass paste.
Pop sucks for the most part, but as alwayse there are exceptions. while i don't like her music, i respect alicia keys. she actualy writes her own songs, is a good poet and is a freakin amazing pianist.
by Jim September 07, 2005
1. (adj) popular; mainstream
2. (n)
a. something that is popular (especially music)
b. soft drink or soda
3. (v)
a. to shoot
b. to hit; to slug; to punch
1. Pop music is usually catchy, but it can be overplayed.
a. Madonna's music is an example of pop.
b. I would like nice, cold pop, please.
a. He popped a cap in his ass.
b. I popped him in the jaw.
by Marchant July 23, 2004
A crappy type of "music" (of which it should not be called.) The bands invlolved with this "music" always consist of greedy idiots, who don't realise they are just corperate tools.
Just look on top of the pops
by Nick June 07, 2003
A father
an informal term for a father ( ;
Hmm.. yo Pops in calling my cellphone, b****
by The Chow Man October 21, 2004
v. To fire a firearm.
Shuh yo mouf, 'fo ima pop a cap in yo ass!
by Darky April 10, 2003
1. ho
2. skeet
3. a female that does a lot of stuff like give head or top or in simpler terms suck dick.
3. a girl that lets a lot of boys beat , smash , or just fuck her or she fucks a lot of guys
yo shorty a pop son, i heard she gave ma nigga Joe head last week

she let Joe, Jay, Rico, and Darius beat son, she a pop
by miszinfamous October 13, 2007

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