a girl that's easier than a sunday afternoon and gets around like Tupac
Boy 1: I hit that the first night I met her.
Boy 2: So did I.
Boy 1: Yea thats why she aint wifey material, strictly a pop.
by XxTheIceQueenxX December 04, 2009
Slang for a popular breakfast cereal called Corn Pops. It's generally consumed by young adolescent kids.

*Corn Pops is made by Kellogg's, described by the company as "crunchy sweetened popped-up corn cereal." Originally called Sugar Pops in 1951, it was later changed to Sugar Corn Pops, and then to "Corn Pops". In January 2006, the name of the cereal was changed to Pops, but after a few months of poor reception, was changed back to Corn Pops.

*In mid 2007, Corn Pops launched its first line extension in many years called "Chocolate Peanut Butter Pops".

*Corn Pops are made from milled corn and the American version has a flattened, smooth, bumpy shape.

*Unlike the vast majority of breakfast cereals, Corn Pops are packaged in a foil-lined bag. This helps to prevent the Pops from going stale and from sticking to one another (a problem caused by the method that the cereal is processed).

This shit is fucking awesome. It owns Lucky Charms, Peanut Butter Crunch, and Frosted Flakes.

I don't think Corn Pops has a mascot, though.

* - Courtesy of Wikipedia.
"Gotta have my Pops!"
by idotechno September 02, 2008
To cheer or applaud. Commonly used in regards to wrestling fans.
The fans pop loudly when he goes to the top rope.
by Libs November 14, 2004
Attempting, but not necessarily succeeding in, an act of physical violence against some fool who is clearly asking for it.
He was like, "come then, 'ave it!" so I had a pop.
by Cosmic_Music June 19, 2004
Music that sucks and should be banned in the USA
Pop goes the weasel.
by DA SHIZNIT May 18, 2004
A crappy free kids channel on sky. It features low budget cartoons from the 80's and a crappy animated dragon presenter (called rory) because they are to poor/crappy to splash out on a real one. Do not watch it.
Young Kid: I'm gonna watch Pop!
Me: *Strangles kid*
by ElBamble August 29, 2006
Short for pop-fucking-eyes, the best fried chicken on the planet
Let's go get some POPS tonight!
by randosubmission November 28, 2009
to shoot someone in the forehead so the brain expodes out of the upper part of the skull
"keep thinkin im candy- til your fuckin skull get popped and your brains hop out the top like jack in the box" -50 cent, heat
by criccet October 07, 2005

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