A synonym for soda used by people living in upstate New York. Usually in the Buffalo-Rochester area. Term comes from the Soda Pop Company's slogan 'Just can't stop until you've had soda POP!' establish in 1904.
I'm thirsty. Do you have any pop?
by Brittany-Brittany December 03, 2009
The act of extracting or exploding an object, a gun, bottle of champagne
"I'l pop you punk niggaz like I pop my collar" -50 cent
by Muggy March 10, 2004
Stands for "probability of precipitation" but easier to say
Hey it looks like it's gonna rain, but the weather forecaster dude said there's only 20 POPs today so probably not.
by MVPx4 October 11, 2012
1. (Noun) A popular genre of music that often employs the use of complex, masterful musical techniques that indicate that only the most talented musical genius could have written them. Pop artists include the charasmatic Kanye West, the level-headed Lady GaGa, and the classy Black-Eyed-Peas. Pop songs always contain lyrics of deep meaning and a sense of down-to-earthness, as illustrated in the examples below. Artists also feel obliged to repeat the same words or phrases at least 100 times, so that the listener will remember their message and be inspired to change the world. So in short, the best thing ever.
1. "pa-pa-pa-pop-poker-face"
2. "fly like a g6"
3. "We give a lotta money to the babies out in Haiti
Yellin all around the world,
Do you hear me? Do you like my body?"
by Fat Guy Fan 227 February 22, 2011
a small gang that has been known to hang around white plains, new york and other various locations. p.o.p. stands for paper over pussy. ironically, they dont actually make any money. they just go around starting fights and jumping people. some people would say that they are soft since they all fight in big groups and none of them do shit alone.
"P.O.P. paper over pussy!"
by SMH94 July 21, 2010
Position. Of. Power

A male or female who is massively attractive just based on their position of power. (P.O.P)

Judged purely on power and not looks.
A successful rock star.

"He is pure P.O.P"
by dudette_colette January 13, 2010
In foosball when you have the ball and shot it and it goes in to the net and comes back out (pop backs out) and is still in play.
Dave has the ball, he goes and shots against alex. The ball goes in to the net and then (pop) comes back out of the net
by cwaterton12 July 10, 2008
a sluttish or whorey girl.
Damn that girl Kia is such a pop.
by Shawn91 July 10, 2008
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