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Someone who, for one minute, loves a pop thing with all their heart, and then loses interest once a more shiny and exciting contender appears.
He's such a pop slag! I can't believe he ditched Britney for Ashlee!
by Boneeqwa de la Melange January 22, 2008
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Someone who slags off otheer people to get popularity
He's such a popslag
by thedefier May 29, 2011
Informal/abusive term for Popstarz, a "gay alternative" club night running in London since 1995 and which nowadays attracts a varied crowd including indie kids, emo kids and other scene kids as well as older men and women.

It refers to the contingent (hopefully a minority) of slags who attend and the occasional, partial atmosphere of a meat market for college and university kids in which some sink, some swim and others feel as though chucks of flesh are ripped out of them.

Also derivative verb to popslag (see below).
"Are you popslagging tonight?"

"I'm not going to popslags, I can't be arsed with all the gayyage."
by Wrench February 26, 2010

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