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When hundreds of porn pop-ups appear on your screen from one bad link.
Oh no pop porn. i have to find a way to close this before the boss sees
by vannnyyy June 12, 2009
Porn that comes up on a user's computer as a pop-up.
Virus protection doesn't protect you from popporn.
by yourhighschoolstalker June 27, 2011
A mixture of pop music and porn music.
Do you like pop porn.
by Deep blue 2012 October 09, 2009
popporn is an activity usually involving two teenage boys, a laptop, and some popcorn, this activity may take place for hours and result in many erections/orgasms, all they do is stare at the screen and occasionally have a little fap people who under take this activity are often very secretive about their goings on
Guy 1: wanna come round, I have some popporn set up

Guy 2: what type?

Guy 1: sweet, lesbian

Guy 2: I'M ON MY WAY
by misterdoodledawg November 08, 2013
Any modern day pop video that includes suggestive language or moves.
"That video is another example of popporn."
by Kay Duff January 02, 2008