fuk her so hard she bleeds
i poped that bitches cherry last week
by po-oped hur chairy October 24, 2003
Top Definition
to take away a girl's virginity. it breaks her intact cherry
"I don't want to date her, just pop her cherry"
by Anonymous August 19, 2003
when a guy takes a girls virginity and she starts to bleed. and if it doesn't bleed then it means the guy has a small dick.
brian: hey did i pop your cherry?
carla: i don't kno...
jerry: hahah you have a small dick cuz she didnt bleed!You didnt pop her cherry you dumb ass!
brian: oh man i suck!
carla: oh it's ok little man.... i forgive you
#gay #fags #loser #virgin #lol
by fags.com March 31, 2006
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