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Verb. 1) To drink wine. 2) To imbibe. 3) To feel great. 4) To cast away the dilemmas and doldrums of this venomous world by opening an epic bottle of wine or champagne.
Matt: What a day.
Amy: No shit.
Matt: Can't believe we have to go to this staff dinner, it's a total Jihad.
Amy: Let's go get some wine, pop corks, and screw in the break room.
Matt: Done and done.


Jason: This dude on Monday Night Football is a real asswipe.
Ryno: Korn-hole-zer? He's the worst of the worst.
Jason: I'm turning it off.
Ryno: Let's pop corks and call dem bitches.
Jason. Done and done.
by Rykirb September 17, 2008

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