When the male has an erection and has the ability to make one loud POP noise, such as the sound when cracking your knuckles.
Man 1: I had fries for lunch today.
Man 2: I can pop my cock.
Man 1: Uhh..
by Keri D July 05, 2005
Top Definition
The act of putting a penis in a living thing's ass. Not to be confused with pop a cap. Usually performed by gay men for pleasure. This should not be used as an insult, for every person who just heard you say that will think you're a homo.
Example 1
Man 1: I'm going to pop a cock in yo ass.
Man 2: You're fuckin' gay dude.

Example 2
Man 1: I'm gonna pop a cock in yo ass.
Monkey: Dude that's still fucking gay.
by inventor of [pop a cock] August 03, 2004
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