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An anal opening, a butt hole. May be used as an insult.
Ugh, Joe, stop being such a pooz!

Uh oh.. my pooz has a burning sensation.
by Misses Fabbo June 23, 2003
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Short for Lollapalooza, a popular music festival that takes every summer in Chicago.
Are you going to the 'pooz this year?

Man, the Pooz has a lot of really great bands this year.
by BLBLBL2000 July 19, 2010
The gravy-like substance most often found in diarrhea.
I'm not feeling so good; I had some nasty pooz flowing today.

Timothy realized the runs were near when the pooz began dribbling out of his asshole.
1.Pencil Dick
2.A long skinny dick
HAHA, your Pooz is smaller than my pencil.
by captain uranus March 26, 2008
The female sex organ or simply pussy.

Another way of saying pussy so people don't know what your talking about.
Man, I want some pooz!
by kees commander April 24, 2004

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