texting while taking a poop.
Pooxting is a great way to pass time on the toilet.
by J-E January 09, 2012
Top Definition
texting while pooping
Kim likes to multitask, so she's constantly pooxting me from her office bathroom.
by jackie finlan November 29, 2007
The act of texting someone while pooping.
"I was in the bathroom longer than usual because I was busy pooxting my friends.
by JoeBlue February 16, 2010
Pooxting is a description of when someone is on the john dropping a deuce and they can't help themselves but to text all that they can while they are in there handling their business.
I have to go take a crap. I'll pooxt you once I get settled in.

So I was pooxting my friend earlier and she said were on for pub night.
by bdcustoms July 29, 2010
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