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paul shears does this. its when you shit and wnk simultaneously. hmmmm
"hello" says paul shears, "i just poowanked at fletcher's house"
by paul shears January 20, 2005
3 5
When you use a turd as a masturbation device. Specifically, you rub your penis back and forwards inside a piece of shit.

Alternatively, fucking a black girl (or guy, but only if you're the giver). This is a racist extention of the above definition.
Person 1: "I poowanked last night."
Person 2: "You took a dump and stuck your cock in it?"
Person 1: "Nah, I fucked a black girl."
by Lee Ji Hoon December 05, 2007
12 4
For a male to masturbate whilst sitting on the toilet; just after he's used the toilet for a poo.
Person A: I had a Poo Wank last night.

Person B: I don't understand why you'd want to do it?

Person A: Well the hard part was already over, taking my pants down and stuff, so I thought I might as well.
by Joee Brownn May 03, 2011
6 2
the wanking of poo usaully exercised by homosexuals or people with serious mentall retardations
hey look at that retard having a poo-wank

by o.b1000 November 01, 2007
11 10