paul shears does this. its when you shit and wnk simultaneously. hmmmm
"hello" says paul shears, "i just poowanked at fletcher's house"
by paul shears January 20, 2005
Top Definition
When you use a turd as a masturbation device. Specifically, you rub your penis back and forwards inside a piece of shit.

Alternatively, fucking a black girl (or guy, but only if you're the giver). This is a racist extention of the above definition.
Person 1: "I poowanked last night."
Person 2: "You took a dump and stuck your cock in it?"
Person 1: "Nah, I fucked a black girl."
by Lee Ji Hoon December 05, 2007
For a male to masturbate whilst sitting on the toilet; just after he's used the toilet for a poo.
Person A: I had a Poo Wank last night.

Person B: I don't understand why you'd want to do it?

Person A: Well the hard part was already over, taking my pants down and stuff, so I thought I might as well.
by Joee Brownn May 03, 2011
the wanking of poo usaully exercised by homosexuals or people with serious mentall retardations
hey look at that retard having a poo-wank

by o.b1000 November 01, 2007
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