The noun form of "getting ass"
Hey girl, how about some pooty?
by Ilja April 25, 2004
A word for computers.

Like puter/pootie.
Oh, just y'know, playing with the pooties.
by Jorjamai February 13, 2011
hot bitches, usually virgins
yo man lets go to the mall and find some pooty
by randddy June 28, 2009
The area of skin in between a woman's pussy and booty.
Ex 1:
Guy: Hey Girl... How that pooty smell??

Girl: Smell good!

Ex 2:
Guy: Hey Girl... How that pooty smell?

Girl: Smell bad :(

by eggrolldave April 15, 2009
Having pointy boobs.
Ew look that girl she has the worst case of pooties i've ever seen.
by seamore buts October 23, 2005
A word for someone or something that is kool, tight, fine or cute.
oh that guy is pooty!
by Bianca C. October 24, 2003
The not-so-attractive area of frontal fat on a woman above her pussy that's so big, it looks like a booty.
"How come your ass is under your stomach? Oh wait, it's your pooty!"
by alfeef April 05, 2010

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