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The thing between a womans legs that controls our lives. Often called hey-na-nee-na-nee.
I slammed my junk into her pooty and launched some dna.
by Yammer May 08, 2003
A cross between the terms "pussy" and "booty" to create a easy saying for what straight men chase 95% of their lives
Guy 1: NIIICE look at that girl
guy 2: WHOOO i want that pooty!
guy1: wow chill out there buddy. you're balls dropped like yesterday
by SWIGGYcJ91 December 17, 2007
when one has a continous amount of farts within a short amount of time
guy one: "man, i really have the pooties right now"
guy two: "yeah, with you farting alot in such a short amount of time, it sure does smell bad"
by artie simmons June 15, 2003
The area of skin in between a woman's pussy and booty.

The female synonym for chode.
Ex 1:
Guy: Hey Girl... How that pooty smell??

Girl: Smell good!

Ex 2:
Guy: Hey Girl... How that pooty smell?

Girl: Smell bad :(

by eggrolldave April 15, 2009
A word for computers.

Like puter/pootie.
Oh, just y'know, playing with the pooties.
by Jorjamai February 13, 2011
Farts, Shits
What is that smell I ate beans and I have the POOTIES !!!
by Allendra May 31, 2004