to pass bad gas
Run away, I just pootied
by Dr. gas May 05, 2003
short for the name Pootus.
Damn that Pooty has the biggest cock
by Pootus October 22, 2003
The severity of hyper activity.
by Anne June 24, 2003
kevins stomach pouch
"hey poke my pooty"-kevin
by LILLY AND ANNIE July 01, 2004
Someone with an attitude that is a combination of 50% pissy, and 50% moddy.
Hey babe don't be pooty just becuase I ate the last piece of chocolate.
by Jeff Eustis September 01, 2007

shit = poo, therefore, shitty = pooty.
"Man, I can't go to the concert tonight."
by sillyxgirl December 04, 2006
A foul gas that sanks real baddly.
When you eat beans or meat and the bouls and of your belly bubble and gas comes out of your booty.
by David.M.Collins August 04, 2005

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