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to pass bad gas
Run away, I just pootied
by Dr. gas May 05, 2003
Nickname for Vladamire Putin

see pooty-poot
Look, it's poopty poot!
by Dagon January 14, 2005
Pooty is another name for a pacifier, used by young children.
I Want My POOTY!!!
by Tristine March 30, 2004
accomodating, appropriate
"You'll have room here," he said,
"for six or seven hundred. dozen--a very pooty little cellar!"

John Galsworthy-"The Forsyte Saga"
by Robert Payne March 09, 2004
its a loving nickname
i call my baby pooty
by jenn March 05, 2004
Oral sex with a man or woman of the simalar gender or Transexualality.
The woman with a penis was glad to give me pooty.
by Andy Man June 03, 2004
Somone who is being mean, stupid, cruel, unsesible, and in other words, a complete idiot.
My brother was being a big pooty when he punched me.
by Brooke January 31, 2004
When you crap in your pants.
David did a big pooty when he tried to fart.
by Kikaider January 02, 2004