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pooty being vagina tang being the white discharge from it hence pooty tang
by Beaner October 22, 2003
263 132
basically a vagina
after having sex with a hoe...the strong smell of pootytang is in the air
by EricaGeist April 14, 2003
247 83
1.That guy who talks funny with Chris Rock and got his own movie.
2.Pussy juice
1.Pooty Tang is the greatest man alive.
2.I love pooty tang.
by Boo February 08, 2005
148 85
Fictional character who represents positive outcomes in the face of adversity; also a very cool guy who speaks jibberish.

"We never knew what Pootie was saying, but we always know what he MEANT."
That guy is so cool, he's playing like he's Pootie Tang . . . I just saw him smack the taste out of some punks mouth for using foul language in front of children.
by Real Movie Critic October 13, 2003
117 81
Basically another word for a vagina
I could smell the pootytang off you from a mile away.
by Joe 87847464 April 01, 2008
67 51
slang for the most delicious part of the female body
I really love everything about the pooty-tang.
by LOVE2LAP February 18, 2005
25 16
poonanny i.e. sweet wet lips
I'd sure love to taste that pooty tang!
by passerby September 07, 2003
68 61