A variant of pootah.
Dang, mah pooter crashed on me.
by SaintAleia August 25, 2004
A portmanteau of Poop and Pottebaum, used too indicate severe phallic-licking to the point of being a cock-teether. Primarily used when referring too Brian Pottebaum, Boulder, Colorado.

Other variations include: Poo-Ta-Ta, Poo-Bear, Poo-Bomb.
1. Where's Pooter at?

2. Don't be such a Pooter.
by T. Riad April 21, 2005
an endearing but slang word for anus.
If she's bleeding in the cooter, just flip her over and aim for the pooter.
by vveerrgg August 30, 2004
The badassest, gangsta trippin'est cat ever to have walked the face of this earth. Formerly fed by Dave Ross.
There is only one example, gotta see him live.
by The Dave October 03, 2004

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