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this is a woman who can queef on demand by magically sucking air through their butthole and pushing it out their vag...i have no idea!
Girl:"hey check this out!"
Guy:"what the hell was that?!"
Girl:"i blew air out my vagina"
Guy:"haha you queefed! it again!"
by Tyler Cannon September 30, 2007
Pussy fart, normall smells like cheese
I was boning this girl last night and her pootertooters were loud as
by The roflcracker February 04, 2009
The female fart that, while sitting, begins at the poop shoot and travels along the yellow brick road in bubble-like form to the front butt and makes the perpetrator go "weew" as the bubble squeaks out with a clap.
Girl: Hey Sam...guess what I just did

Boy: Hey Beth I hope its not a pooter tooter ...cause thatd be gross.

Girl: Yeah...that is it.
by The beaver leaver June 01, 2011
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