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The little bit of flab on relatively skinny people that hangs out over their low cut jeans when they sit. Often accompanied by a thong winking out the buttocks.
If it weren't for that girls pootch, she would be pretty hot.

Aw, dang! I thought my pootch was tucked in today!!
by Starquesha Bon Qui Qui April 30, 2009
a person that puts down their friends ideas... good ideas
1)Kenzie Malone
2) (while watching a commercial of sea animals) We could've saw that a couple months ago if Kenzie wasn't being a little pootch.
by The Shady Ladies June 24, 2009
A patch that doesn't work
- Have you installed the new v2.15.234.184621 patch to play DVDs on Linux ?
- No, the patch v2.15.234.184621 isn't going to help you, that's to encrypt the network activity indicators on your NIC to prevent hackers from snooping the network.
- That is more a pootch then !
- Yes !
both - hahahahahahaha
by .ogg widget manager October 02, 2007

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