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A slang word for sex
Damn i'm horny for some pootang pie!
by Loz October 29, 2003
a big piece of pussy.
In her desperation, Karlita offered him a huge, heaping, steaming slice of her pootang pie.
by Jo_Jo February 16, 2004
As used in the 50's, the sweet or tangy goop that comes from a woman when she "gets off". Or, "gettin' some" from a female.
"Damn, her poo-tang pie tasted sooo good, it was sweet too, she must have been drinking orange juice!"
"Hey, rememba dat bitch i was tellin ya'll 'bout!!? Well, she finally let me take a dip into her poo-tang pie and it was off the chain!"
by Stephanizzle Pimpettizzle May 07, 2006