Poosy. is how ethnic Italian's/Immigrants in general.. who are just trying to call someone a pussy.
01. DAD: my son john he'sa poosy!

02. Santino: That girl I Fucked night of the last..She had'a smelly Poosy
by coxacas July 05, 2009
Top Definition
A combination of the words "poo" and "pussy" to form one word relating the use of the asshole as a pussy. Often, but not necessarily always, used in the case of a mtf transsexual.
I think I broke her ass-hymen, her poosy was bleeding all over me last night.
by The Nagus June 20, 2011
Slang for "vagina" said by those hesitant to actually say "pussy."
I bet Duke Nukem gets a lot of poosy.
by Anonymous September 18, 2002
The act of being afraid, lacking courage.
My friend Aaron Hemmers was a huge poosy for not hooking up with that girl.
by rmatic August 19, 2006
Coined by crazy Colombian, entertainer, and stunt man, Daniel, used as his expression for those who are unable to match or out do his craziness! "Poosy" also symbolizes weakness.
"Don't be a poosy brosef, drink the fooking beer!"

"Don't be a bread, eat the fooking Poosy!"

"If you don't understand what fooking means, you're a fooking poosy"
by DontBeAPoosy July 09, 2014
An alternative insult directed towards a noun of your choice, and a way to sound not as explicit. Also, another way to say cat.
(A)Shut the hell up poosy!

(B)Did you see that poosy? It was black and gray with pink on the nose.
by PoosyRachel July 28, 2010
When a girl wipes her ass and accidently gets the poo on her pussy.
"Babe, dont lick me, I think I have poosy!"
by loveomylife January 25, 2009
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