A cross between, a Pussy and a Shit head.
A word inwhich you would call one of your friends.
"what do you mean you can't come anymore? God Katherine you're such a Poosty.."
by Vag. GG February 26, 2008
Top Definition
a stuck-up or snobby person, usually a girl or gay guy.
Alice: Did you see Chandra and her new Gucci purse?

Alex: How could I not? She kept on shoving it in my face. Damn, that bitch is so poosty!
by rebelwithacause911 March 17, 2010
A mixture of PEE-YOO and NASTY. A very versatile word that describes anything bad, disgusting or foul.
From behind a bedroom door: Debbie: "Oooh David. Eat my pussy!" David: "sniff sniff {gag} whiff Fuck no bitch, you're POOSTY!! Shmelly ho!!!".......Alan stop farting, you POOSTY fucktard!!.......I can't eat this POOSTY fruitcake!!.......That band sucked last night they were so damned POOSTY!
by Dakeboy 59 January 05, 2012
Gentleman of homosexual orientation.
Hi Jason, like my pink slacks?
Dammit Frank, you look like a poosty.
by Jay Fernandes April 20, 2006
adj.: nasty, gross, old, dirty, moldy, musty.
In the way that a bucket of dirty water left sitting around in the basement for a year is nasty.
by Sarah McMenomy November 16, 2003
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