greek- way of refering to a gay person.
" look at that damn poostie."
by ak harry March 18, 2005
Top Definition
Literal Greek Definition for poostie is "the taker"
That dude is a pillow biting poostie.
by Levendi October 07, 2011
a flamboiantly homosexual individual (no negative connotation)
man, i think that guy is poostie
by lilskank November 23, 2005
actin like a diva; confident
girl, you actin poostie!
by beliza April 04, 2010
An animal with a rat head, a bitch body and a sloppy cunt.
Man is she ugly, no she is worse than that, she is a poostie!!!
by tdurden December 08, 2005
An adjective somewhere between "Pussy" and "Pasty". A supremely derisive term. Usually used to describe a pale and fearful individual.
Those other definitions were written by poostie beeatches.
by kurtyo November 22, 2006
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