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Anything different than white, as in, dirty niggers, filthy mexicans, and stupid arabians (sand-niggers).
those pooskins are stupid.
by pooskinhater#1 December 06, 2004
50 38
A badly rolled Spliff, usually doesn't toke and drips tar.
Nice Poo Skin you've rolled here Jon.

Make sure you don't roll a poo skin.
by KingofSkin July 15, 2008
5 4
another way of saying holy shitor crap
pooskins theres a chiken wearing a coat!!!!!!
by M.MAC January 09, 2007
1 1
The thin skin like fecal material left floating in the toilet that resists flushing due to it's buoyancy.
Nasty! Who left the poo skin?
by PooSkins September 13, 2010
3 5