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subsitute for any swear word
Why did you take my hat you poosh
by denage October 14, 2007
n. A female belly that is very attractive if it does not protrude farther than her breasts.

'poosh' derives from << 'pooch' << 'pouch'
He loves looking at and caressing her poosh.
by Tonius July 30, 2006
Anything you want it to be. A multi-purpose word.
An out of the normal looking person. Goofy.
"Oh god look at the poosh!"
"Awwww your such a poosh"
"Son of a poosh!
by Poosh2121 November 29, 2011
(Verb): the act of doing something really gay, not in the homosexual sense but in the, I want to punch you in the fucking face sense. Originally thought to be created by hockey fags
Shaving a your hair into a mohawk and dyeing it gold is a poosh(Seriously, what pro hockey player ever did that?)
by thebige_9 February 19, 2011
A word that you use when you are mad or excited
Poosh! That car cut me off!
by FartQueen October 28, 2011
No one knows exactly what a poosh is, although it is very offensive to everyone.
Porky is such a poosh.
by dds54y45bq June 22, 2009
A magic word.
When used on the right person they will do whatever you want and have no recollection of the event.
Peri: "Make me a sandwich Poosh."
Entrée: *Makes sandwich*
Peri: *Amazed*
Entrée: "Woh, where's this sandwich from?"
by Bellerinaaaaa August 02, 2010