when somebody consistently backs out of getting wasted, giving various excuses
me: Yo dude, lets go get wasted....
dc: nah i gotta chill with my gf
me: dude your a fucking poose

me: dude hows that dip treating you?
dc2: (pukes in 8 oz cup)
by poose patrol February 27, 2009
Akin to a sleeping Indian baby on it's mothers back. Determined by Air Force Securtiy Police in Thailand 1974 when one Poosed out he basicly fell asleep after a long day or night of partying.
Edgar is all poosed out.

I am poosed man.
by Jim Enockson December 19, 2003
A piss and a poop combined, Poose
I thought I just had to poop but it turned out I had to Poose
by colin-dylan August 13, 2010
A word that can be used to describe any situation whether its good, bad, funny, sad, hateful, loving, or spontaneous. May also be used as a verb. Basically you can substitute poose for any word known to mankind.

Who needs a dictionary? Got poose?
Good: "Nice ride man, that's so totally poose."

Bad: "Your moms a bitch." "Yeah, shes so poose."

Verb: "Dude, you just got poosed!"
by Poose Coon March 08, 2004
Do the poose, means to run away, or get out of somewhere as quickly as possible.
Can also be used to describe someone in a negative light eg someone moaning, complaining or wimping out.
"Shit we've been spotted"
"quick, do the poose"
"i can't be bothered, lets go home"
"stop being a poose"
by JPM May 06, 2007
A sweet cat or kitten, the pick of the litter!
Man, that cat is such a <i> poose</i>!

Aww, what a nice kitty, she's a total <i>poose</i> cat!
by Poose Cat December 06, 2006
A very nervous word, almost too great, can be used in many situations but is used mostly to define oneself.
1. Your so nervous man, ya ur a fricken poose.
2. Im going home guys, I gotta wake up early, -WOW, ur a poose man.
by Rob18823 August 16, 2005
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