POOSE (n.) "Pewse"

Colloquial Scots term for 'cat'.
"Cam tey grips, ye wee raj - yer poose has shat ayl awaer ma livin' rhume!"

From "McCatSpotting" by Irwin Scots.
#cat #pussy #moggie #moggy #feline
by Neil Baxter September 23, 2005
Top Definition
Vagina. Shortened version of pussy.
Hey, want some poose?
by Amy January 11, 2005
a male friend who gets female tendencies such as whining, mood swings, easily irritated, etc...
"bro, its not a big deal. stop being such a poose....
#pussy #fag #bitch #anus #cock boy
by jeff bentz November 01, 2007
To cool food sufficiently for consumption by blowing with one's breath.
Poose your soup chilluns!
by nielle June 05, 2005
Term of endearment used to describe the vagina of one's wife or girlfriend. Most commonly used as a less offensive or vulgar 'pussy' or 'poosay'.
Hello dear. How was work? Can I touch your poose tonight?
#vagina #pussy #cunt #fanny #minge
by PaulieFanny November 25, 2010
Rocco Coppola
Rocco Coppola is a poose when it comes to drinking, girls, WoW, sports, being 'murcan, and life.
#noob #pussy #rookie #amateur #newb
by BossBoss January 21, 2011
A term coined in New Zealand meaning a very large cat. That is, a "puss the size of a moose".

May be used in reference to a large person who is the size of a moose but acts like a common household cat.
"Dude, where's your poose?"
"Where's my poose dude?"

"Oooooch, I am a poose, it's true." (said while scratching furniture or padding down bed.)
#poose #puse #puss #cat #moose
by Dudewheresmypoose August 23, 2006
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