an adjective of relativley recent origin is sometimes used for a misused word of borderline vulgarity. In fact, Poosai, when properly applied in language, simply means a person or object of extraordinary eclectic but discerning quality and/or characteristics.
Charles is a true appreciator of poosai collectibles.
by Robino Watsoni May 20, 2006
Top Definition
a malayalam word meaning drunk, intoxicated or inebriated
I love when I get poosai.

Sometimes I wake up in the marning and think about getting poosai.

When Jerry is poosai, he has trouble
controlling his thudee.

When Mohanlal hangs out with Shobana, he always gets her poosai.
by Foundation Fathers October 19, 2008
A nice way of saying pussy, someone who is in the process of being a wuss, also a word used to represent the lame
Dood, dont be a poosai
by Paccali November 11, 2002
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