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Combination of the words poop and pressure. The feeling one gets when they need to lay a massive deuce. There a few levels of pooressure:

1) Lowest level of pooressure, slight abdominal pressure and slight pressure in lower back.

2) Pressure in lower back and abdomen intensifies, pressure in lower back starts spreading to areas closer to the rectum.

3) Pressure in lower back and abdomen turns into pain, prairie-dogging, turtling, or any other form of crowning may occur now.

4) Extreme stabbing pain in abdomen, lower back feels as if it is going to explode. Brown stains in underwear will occur if one does not relieve themselves now.

5) Highest level of pooressure. Pain becomes so excruciating that one is forced to empty their bowels into their pants. Hopefully, at least pooressure is relieved, if not, one is stuck with shit leaking down their pantsleg and annoying pooressure.
Did you see on TV, David Blaine had such bad pooressure from sitting in that bowl of water for so long, that he shat in it.

Uh oh, looks like the pooressure's coming on, soon i might be at level 2 pooressure.
by Jimlii January 30, 2011
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