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noun: The state of being both poor and bored. Combination of 'poor' and 'boredom'.
I can't afford weed or anything else, i'll just have to sit hear and deal with my poordom.
by Jae M. August 14, 2007
The state of being poor, typically in your twenties, when you are unable to participate in social activities unless your friends pay for you.
I can't go to the concert due to my poordom, unless you're going to buy my ticket.
by MissAmber February 27, 2008
The boredom that arises when you are trying not to spend money. You can't go out drinking, eating at nice restaurants, or shopping.
"I am dying of poordom." You are sitting at home on a Friday night, wishing you could get dressed up and go out and get fucked up at a nice sushi dinner, but due to insufficient funds you are driven to smoking shake and having leftovers.
by Hillduh August 28, 2009
Boredom from the result of being poor - Haven't got the money to go out and go shopping/get wasted/have a meal with friends.
You: "How are you?"

Friend: "Kinda poored, I need a job!"

You: "Same... Poordom is the worst! Let's rob a bank so then we can just be bored?"

Friend: "yeah!"
by 93Joe93 August 05, 2009
When you are extremely bored, but have no money to do anything.
Guy1: Hey man, you wanna hang tonight?
Guy2: Nah, I can't.
Guy1: But your status says you're bored out of your mind.
Guy2: I have no cash, it's poordom!
by STRiPESandShades December 29, 2011
A combination of the words Poor and Boredom. Its when your so poor that you cannot afford entertainment and thus are affected by severe boredom.
Ill be sitting at home enjoying poordom. (a sarcastic sentence)

I am suffering from extreme poordom.
by Solus501 December 31, 2010
1. When a lack of currency or funds leaves one with nothing to do. 2. Being so poor you can't afford to leave your house.
"I would go to the movies but I've had the worst case of poordom all week!"
by grizzgot November 30, 2013
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